Uncover the underlying influencers of wellbeing

Make better decisions and drive purposeful change by tapping into your team's wellbeing and reveal the big picture at your organization.

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Collect & Understand

Science backed wellbeing pulses

We create meaningful conversations by asking the right questions, at the right time, on the right channels. By checking-in daily, wellbeing becomes a part of everyone's routine, starting an open dialogue that's the foundation for creating purposeful change.

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Give wellbeing
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Gamification helps people tap into the natural strengths games drive - like curiosity, creativity, and determination - and bring them into their real-world goals. We bring this philosophy into our experience by recognizing achievements, offering challenges, and being all-in-all a little playful.

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Uncover hidden trends

Gain the insights you need to drive positive change by easily tracking changes in all areas of wellbeing. We offer insight into micro-metrics like motivation and macro-metrics like overall worklife that lets you make an impact in your organization.

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Use Perkio directly from Slack

We're on a mission to disrupt the way you think about wellbeing without being disruptive to your daily workflow. Download our Slack app to answer the daily Pulse directly in Slack.

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