Create your culture by design, not default.

Culture develops on its own, whether you're actively paying attention to it, or not. With Perkio, get the tools you need to engage your team, build a healthy culture, and create a place people want to work.

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Your true culture can be hard to pin down, but it still trickles down.

Undefined, unrealistic cultures, made with the company, not the people, in mind, can't bring out the best in the team. Toxic cultures drive people away and demotivate those left behind. Perkio makes it easy for teams to come together and design healthy cultures that boost engagement, retention, & productivity.


Culture matters to your (future) team.

believes a healthy culture leads to business success.
consider culture before applying for a job.
of millennials care more about culture over salary
would leave if the culture took a turn for the worse
let's talk about culture, baby

Explore uncharted territories and discover your culture, bit by bit.

Work together with your team to complete quests that unlock, and fill in, different areas on your culture map that reveal the big picture. By doing a little every day, you'll keep up to date with your evolving culture, & be ready to take action if you get in troubled waters.

What's your next destination?

These are just a few of the aspects of culture that we help you map out and discover in your Perkio journey.


Where is your company's journey
taking you.


What are the guiding principles for
you and your team.


How comfortable does everyone
feel taking risks and sharing.


How will your team work
together to get things done.


What are the norms, (unwritten) rules,
and beliefs of the team.


What makes your team unique,
and who are you all as people.

the right tool for a #winning culture

Engagement platforms are so 2021. Let's step away from the busy work.

No one likes meaningless tasks. Boring, one-sided surveys, gimmicky, empty thumbs up, or surface level discussions don't create change. Giving your team real influence and responsibility on culture creates trust, making people feel valued and respected. This is what creates authentic engagement, not artificial interaction.

Culture should be your
competitive advantage.

Building culture is everyone's responsibility. Join us in our mission tobring about a new wave of healthy cultures at work.

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